13.4L Balloon Helium Cylinder Filling Helium

Description:Helium is the second most abundant element in the Universe, after Hydrogen. Every second, the Sun converts 700 million tons of Hydrogen into Helium. However, the Earth\'s atmosphere&n

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Helium is the second most abundant element in the Universe, after Hydrogen. Every second, the Sun converts 700 million tons of Hydrogen into Helium. However, the Earth's atmosphere contains very low quantities of Helium: 0.0005%. At normal temperature and pressure, helium is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is chemically inert, which means that it doesn't react with any other element.


Helium Gas Main applications: Laboratories & analysis, Space and Aeronautics, Balloon inflation, Diving Tank and Other industries.
13.4L balloon Helium Gas Cylinder Filled Gas Helium
1.Laboratories & analysis
Helium is the most commonly gas used as carrier in gas chromatography. Under liquid state, at -269 ºC, helium is the cooling fluid for the MRI, NMR or EPR magnets.

2.Space and Aeronautics
The oxygen tank of new-generation Ariane 5 launch vehicle is pressurized by a liquid helium subsystem.

3.Balloon inflation
The chemical property for helium is totally inactive, it is famous for its "lazy", so it's a safe inert gas. No need worry about explosion and combustion when you use helium to fill balloons. Using helium is more security and without any worries.

4.Diving Tank
Diving tank using helium and oxygen mixture, in order to avoid the occurrence of diving divers.

5.Other industries 
- leak detection - because the boiling point of helium is close (-269 °C or -452 °F) to the absolute zero (-273 °C) He is used for cooling of superconducting magnets - used in helium neon lasers, helium is a component of the special mixtures used in CO2 lasers .

Package and Shipment :
13.4L balloon Helium Gas Cylinder Filled Gas Helium
Packing detail:
Packaging Details: Single package size: 25X25X43 cm
Single gross weight: 3.1 KG Package
Type: colorful carton package 30LB 50LB balloons helium gas cylinder -30lb tank 1100pcs/20GP 2200pcs/40GP 2600pcs/40HQ -50lb tank 650pcs/20GP 1300pcs/40GP 1600pcs/40HQ -ton cylinder

Water Capacity13.4 L22.3 L
Working Pressure1.8 MPa / 18 Bar1.8 MPa / 18 Bar
Test Pressure2.3 Mpa / 23 Bar2.3 Mpa / 23 Bar
Thickness1.0 mm1.2 mm
Cylinder Size243*421 mm303*447 mm
Packing Size245*245*425 mm305*305*452 mm
G.W / N.W3.2 / 2.6 KG5.0 / 4.1 KG
Filling Balloons30 (9 inches)50 (9 inches)
ColorGreen,Black,Blue,Yellow,Red or as your request


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