Welded Wheel Cryogenic Dewar

Horizontal Wheel-type Cryogenic LO2 LAr,LCO2 Gas Cylinders/Transportable Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Dewar Cylinders for LO2 LAr,LCO2 Gas Storage & Transportation.Technical Parameters on Liquid Dewar Gas Cylinders: Storage Medium: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide; Volume: 175L/19

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Horizontal Wheel-type Cryogenic LO2 LAr,LCO2 Gas Cylinders/Transportable Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Dewar Cylinders for LO2 LAr,LCO2 Gas Storage & Transportation.
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersTechnical Parameters on Liquid Dewar Gas Cylinders: 
Storage Medium: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide; 
Volume: 175L/195L/210L/375L/410L/450L/495L; 
Working pressure: 1.40MPa/ 2.0MPa. 
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersRef. Main specifications  
Working pressure(Psig)203203203203203203
Pressure Relief Valve(Psig)231230230231231231
Inner Container Bursting Disc(Psig)377377377377377377
Maximum Liquid Capacity(liters)175195210375410450
Usable Liquid Capacity(liters)166185197357390427
Tare Weight(kg)111117123200212234
Weight of ContentsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Liquid Carbon DioxideN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Natural Gas737288N/AN/AN/A 
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar Cylinders*NOTES
The DPL175/195/210 can deliver either liquid or gas, but DPL375/410/420/450 can only deliver liquid. 
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersBrief Features: 
-The face-to-face surfaces of the two walls of a Dewar flask are silver plated or polished to reduce heat radiation; 
-The upper part or the neck of the inner wall is made of non-conductive materials to reduce heat transfer through solid materials; 
-The Dewar bottle is widely used in liquefied gas production, storage, and transport; 
-It is also a vacuum-insulated container commonly found in scientific research, medical health care and oil drilling.  
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersLiquid Dewar cylinders are storage vessels that are specially designed and manufactured to accommodate the super cooled materials that are utilized in a wide variety of cryogenic applications. As these materials often exist in a gaseous state under normal atmospheric pressure and at room temperature, they are commonly referred to as 'liquefied gases' when pressure and temperature conditions have lowered them from the gaseous to the liquid state. Cryogenics itself is the study of the nature and uses of materials that have been cooled to temperatures far below those encountered in nature or in normal working conditions. Though it is a continuously expanding field of applied science, applications for such super cooled or cryogenic materials have already been developed in the aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and computing fields. It is precisely because the uses, and demand, for cryogenic materials have increased dramatically in recent history that SEFIC offers several cryogenic cylinders that can accommodate commonly utilized super cooled liquids and gases like liquid oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. 
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar Cylinders*About Us:
We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of Gas Cylinders Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, Medical Oxygen Flow Regulators, Medical Oxygen Kits, Oxygen Intake Devices, Gas O2 Valves, Medical Pin Index Valves, Medical Gas O2 Supply System Products, Gas O2 Cylinder Trolleys, Gas O2 Outlets, Ceiling Medical Pendants, Medical Gas Oxygen Respiratory Products and etc.
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersAdvantages we have:
-1)Original Manuacturer: Our factories have professional equipments for gas cylinders, medical oxygen regulators, like Punch, CNC Machines, and etc.;
-2)Large Output capability: We have the capability to produce more than 50, 000pcs of Gas Cylinders & 30, 000 PCS Medical Oxygen Cylinders each month;
-3)Quality Control: With ISO9001: 2008, ISO 13485 Quality Management system; All products have been tested before out of our factories;
-4)Cost Advantages: We have cost advantage because our professional and scale economy;
-5)Series: We have different series and models, for different standards in different countries;
-6)Small order can be acceptable: M. O. Q. =50 PCS;
-7)Exporting experience: We have over 5 years' experience for exporting business.
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersWhat we can promise for you:
*High quality and security gas cylinders;
*Competitive unit price in the market;
*Fast delivery (3~4 weeks);
*Best after-sale service.
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar Cylinders
Anyway,should you have any intersts or some more info needed on our medical gas cylinders & allied gas items(gas cylinder valves,gas regulators,medical hospital central oxygen system products),you are really welcome to enquire us anytime!
Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersKey Contact: Ethan Liu (Exp. Mgr) 
URL: http://cbmtech.en.made-in-china.com ;   http://cbmtech.en.made-in-china.com 

Welded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar CylindersWelded Wheel-Type Cryogenic Dewar Cylinders


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