Medical cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)

Dewars Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)specification: Modelstatic liquid nitrogen storage daysV(L)Outlet thread(mm)Outer dia(mm)height(mm)YDS-3223.1550225425YDS-650650285440YDS-10701050300530YDS-10B451050300530YDS-151121650325610YDS-201402050400655YDS-3022031.550445685YDS-30-8011731.580445685YDS-30-1258

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Dewars Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)


Modelstatic liquid nitrogen storage daysV(L)Outlet thread(mm)Outer dia(mm)height(mm)
ModelVolumeEffective volumesizeEmpty weightFilled weightWorking pressureSteaming days loss rateinfusionquantity
Outer dia (¢)mmheight
YDZ-1516.5 L15 L35560022kg34kg≤0.1/Mpa7.00%≥2L/Min
YDZ-3031.5 L30 L45575035kg59kg≤0.1/Mpa2.70%≥2 L/Min
YDZ-5055 L50 L455105042kg90kg≤0.1/Mpa1.80%≥4 L/Min
YDZ-100110 L100 L606121064kg148kg≤0.1/Mpa1.30%≥6 L/Min
YDZ-150165 L150 L6061420100kg220kg≤0.1/Mpa1.20%≥8 L/Min
YDZ-175185 L175 L6061500120kg260kg≤0.1/Mpa1.10%≥8 L/Min
YDZ-200220 L200 L6061600125kg285kg≤0.1/Mpa1.10%≥8 L/Min
YDZ-300330 L300 L8061600300kg432kg≤0.1/Mpa1.00%≥10L/Min
YDZ-500550 L500 L10101750335kg739kg≤0.1/Mpa1.10%≥12L/Min
YDZ-800880 L800 L13101830520kg1160kg≤0.1/Mpa1.00%≥15L/Min
YDZ-9501045 L950 L14101850650kg1418kg≤0.1/Mpa1.00%≥20L/Min
YDZ-200W220 L200 L1580()605()825160kg320kg≤0.1/Mpa1.70%≥8L/Min
YDZ-320W330 L320 L1800()806()1120225kg483kg≤0.1/Mpa1.50%≥8L/Min
YDZ-500W550 L500 L2000()1010()1250350kg754kg≤0.1/Mpa1.80%≥10L/Min
YDZ-800W880 L800 L2000()1300()1500520kg1160≤0.1/Mpa1.20%≥10L/Min
YDZ-950W1045 L950 L2280()1400()1750715kg1483kg≤0.1/Mpa1.20%≥20L/Min

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Our company is one of main factory in China Chemical Equipment Group, and as well as the biggest pressure vessel manufacturer in Zhejiang. Sep. Established in 1972 years, We're engaged in design and manufacture pressure vessel for more than 40 years, and have the Design License of Special Equipment (Pressure vessels of type I ,II ,III ) (RSPZJHG0401-2), It has the following licenses issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine: A1, A2, B3, C2 and C3 pressure vessel manufacturing licenses; the design license for A1, A2, C2 and C3 pressure vessels; and the design license of GC1(3), GC2 and GC3 pressure piping
We have passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Supervision System Certification.  We own 170000 square meter building size The total assets is 180 million, has 500 workers and staff members, including 55 technician (6 super- engineer, 19 engineer, 10 primary technician, 1 super-technician, 4 technician, 15 Nondestructive Tester (RT, UT). There're 8 departments, such as technology, production, sales, quality, purchase, finance, secretary and standard, 1general management office, 1 international export office (Ningbo DSW), 5 workshops and 1 Installation Company. Set up the Welding Test station with Ningbo Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Quality Guarantee System charged by quality engineer, design engineer, welding.

Inspection guarantee:

The relevant welding seams will be subject to 100% RT non-destructive testing and penetrant testing (PT) according to the technological requirements of storage tank production. High-purity nitrogen (up to 99.999%) will be used to conduct the strength testing. Finally, advanced helium mass spectrometer leak detectors (with precision up to 2×10-9Pa.L/s) will be used to conduct Helium mass spectrometer leak detection. The inner containers of the storage tanks will be passivated by overall pickling to meet the cleanliness requirements for dangerous goods. Imported ultraviolet black light lamps will be used to make sure that there is no oil stain and other organic impurities in the inner containers. The inner and outer containers, after cleaning, will be assembled at a time interval less than 2.5 hours. After assembling, the inner containers and interlayers will be filled with nitrogen to protect them from dust and organic impurities, so as to ensure the cleanliness. The inner and outer surfaces of the outer containers will be subject to overall sandblasting treatment to meet the requirements of Sa-2.5 standard. When the surfaces of steel plates show the metallic color, a vacuum cleaner will be used to suck off the dust adhered to the surface so as to further ensure the vacuum degree in the interlayer. Special high-quality perlite is used as the insulation material in the interlayer. The perlite will be treated by using our company's special process before being in the interlayer. All the internal cylinders, after manufactured, will be subject to the gas-tight and pressure performance tests. Both the internal and outer cylinders will be subject to rigorous Helium mass spectrum leak detection. After the production is completed, all the pipe openings will be opened to carry out nitrogen purging and replacement, so as to meet the oxygen usage standard. After this, all the pipelines and valves will be sealed and the tanks will be filled with 0.2MPa high-purity nitrogen for protecting the tanks. 

Medical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)
Medical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)
Medical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tank (YDS-10/YDS-15/YDS-20)


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